AET's background

Our CEO, Benoit Lismonde (BL) is a pioneer in bringing European concepts, brands and products in Asia since 1988.  

BL foresees new retail trends.


Among some of the international brands BL brought to Asia are BENETTON, CARREFOUR, GEANT CASINO, AUCHAN, FULEMI…


To support Asian retailers and importers, BL started ASIA EUROPE TRADE (AET) in 2006 in Belgium, the heart of Europe at the border of UK, Germany, France and Netherlands near Brussels (EU capital) & Antwerp Port for easy logistics.

AET’s Mission 


  ” Provide a fast and efficient 1 stop sourcing solution to find good European products at very competitive price “.


 AET’ Assets 


  • More than 30 years of retail experience in Asia

  • International team of professional experts

  • Deep understanding of Europe and Asia

  • Practical knowledge of EU / Asian rules and regulations

  • Efficient logistics

  • Sounds financial assets

  • Asian Local offices and global strategies

  • Understanding of retailers and suppliers requirements and needs

  • Multicultural environment

  • Promotional and advertising support

  • AET works in 7 languages


1 goal 


  • Improve competitive retail and catering turn over and wider range of new products well presented.


2 services 


  • Efficient cost effective international trading

  • Experienced consulting strategic and marketing support at different levels to be and stay the leader in your markets.

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